General Questions Asked

About Enlightened Rats

An NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a term for a unique, digital item whose ownership is proven and managed by a blockchain.

An NFT could be a collectible, a piece of digital art, an in-ga me item or an event ticket. Some NFTs are simply digital “flexes” (like a Rolex), while others can offer utility such as exclusive access to communities, websites, or participation in events. Read more on NFTs here.

Enlightened Rats is Chain Debrief’s genesis NFT collection – a collection of 888 randomly generated NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT is unique, and a symbol of belief.

During Presale and Public Sale, you will be able to mint Enlightened Rats on our website.

When minting is over, you will be able to purchase our NFT on OpenSea. Please make sure you’re using the links on the pinned messages in our Telegram and Discord.

Enlightened Rat community can be found in our Telegram group here and also our Discord here.

We also have Twitter and Instagram where the latest updates will be posted.

Enlightened Rats is the genesis NFT collection launched by Chain Debrief. Chain Debrief aims to inform, educate, and connect the global investment community through crypto guides, analyses, and opinion pieces.

Chain Debrief is backed by QCP Capital, Gecko Ventures, Double Peak, and senior executives from DeFiance Capital, Mintable, Switcheo and more.

About The Mint

Pre-sale: 5th February 2022, 2100 Hrs – 6th February 2022 2059 Hrs GMT+8

Public sale: 6th February 2022 2100 Hrs  GMT+8

There will be a total of 888 Genesis Enlightened Rats in our first collection. 88 EnRats will be reserved for team and marketing purposes, and 800 will be available for mint.

700 NFTs is reserved for pre sale and 100 NFTs will be reserved for public sale. Any unsold NFTs from the pre sale period will be rolled over to the public sale.

There will be 350 whitelist spots (EnList) available for Enlightened Rats through community engagement in our Discord and social media. Everyone has an equal chance of earning the EnList spots up until mint day.

Enlightened Rat is a community focused collection. We want to keep a tight knit community who are supportive of each other.

The EnRat team will be keeping an eye out for active and helpful community members and dropping them an EnList as a reward. Other ways of getting an EnList is by engaging in our Social Media pages and through partnership giveaways.

We will be publishing the final list of whitelist addresses on the 26th January. Please follow our twitter, discord and telegram for more updates.

Pre-sale: Anyone with a whitelist spot will be able to mint 2 Enlightened Rats in a 24 hour sale window.

Public Sale: Public sale will be available on 6th February 9pm SGT. Each wallet can mint up to 3 Enlightened Rats. If you are whitelisted, this means you can mint a maximum total of 5 Enlightened Rats.

Presale: 0.08 ETH

Public sale: 0.08 ETH

Minting will only be available in our website.

Once you have minted or purchased an EnRat in the secondary market, you will be able to view them instantly on OpenSea. Official Links to OpenSea can only be found on pinned Telegram messages and in the official links channels in Discord.

  1. Ownership of first Genesis collection of Chain Debrief NFT Collection
  2. Exclusive access to Chain Debrief Pulse, our in house Alpha and Analytical Dashboard (More details to come)
  3. Exclusive whitelist for partner NFT collections
  4. Chain Debrief hall of fame (More details to come)
  5. Access to future events organized by Chain Debrief
  6. Access to future Crypto events partnered with Chain Debrief
  7. You own the full commercial rights of your NFT.

The Enlightened Rat collection is a community focused collection. Therefore, we are open in taking suggestions of different potential benefits that can come from our Genesis collection!

The listed benefits do not end there. As the collection continues to mature and evolve, the EnRat Team will seek to add value to our community members through various collaborations.

Beginners Guide To Minting

First, you will need to purchase Ethereum (ETH) from a cryptocurrency exchange. Popular exchanges include FTX, Crypto.com, or Coinhako. Please refer to this in-depth guide on how to purchase cryptocurrencies from exchanges. Once you have some ETH on your exchange, you will need to transfer your ETH into a digital wallet, the most popular being Metamask. You will be able to connect this wallet to the Enlightened Rats website to purchase your NFT on the launch date. Please refer to this article for the step by step guide on how to mint.